Hey, where'd you go?

Many athletes, who were once in the spotlight, find a lot of success away from their respective sports.

"Hey, where'd you go?" focuses on what those former high school, collegiate and professional athletes are doing today. A new episode drops the first Wednesday of every month! 

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Episode 11: Ramel "Smooth" Bradley

former University of Kentucky Point Guard, professional basketball player

Episode 9: Darren McCarty

former Detroit Red Wings forward

Episode 10: Chase Coffman

former University of Missouri, NFL Tight End

Episode 7: Kellen Clemens

former Jets, Chargers, Rams and Oregon QB




Episode 8: Noelle Quinn

former WNBA, UCLA and Bishop Montgomery superstar



Episode 5: Matt Gutierrez

former De La Salle, New England Patriots

& Michigan QB





Episode 6: Isiah "Juice" Williams

former University of Illinois QB, 

financial advisor in the Washington D.C. area 




Episode 3: Carrick Felix

former Arizona State Sun Devils/

Cleveland Cavaliers Hoopster






Episode 4: Zoltan Mesko

former Michigan Wolverines/

New England Patriots Punter






Episode 1: Marcus Lattimore 

former South Carolina Gamecocks RB/Drafted by the San Francisco 49ers in 2013






Episode 2: Kerry Carter

former Stanford Cardinal/

Seattle Seahawks RB/FB





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